Introducing the Transportation Exchange Podcast

We are happy to introduce Rush Truck Centres of Canada’s new podcast called the Transportation Exchange.

What is Aftertreatment Recovery?

Learn about the difference between cleaning and after treatment recovery from a company with over 60 locations across North America.

Thermal Spray Technology for the Trucking Industry

How can this technology lower the total cost of operation for trucking fleets?

Using a Podcast to Promote Your Company

Learn about how podcasting can help your company and learn about why podcasting isn’t the strategy for everyone.

How to Save Big on Credit Card Fees

Learn about the strategies you can use to lower your credit card fees and what to watch out for to fight against fraud.

Do EVs Have More Emissions Than Diesel Powered Trucks?

Learn about the surprising report that was issued by CARB.

The Impact of Parts Shortages on Fleets

Learn about how COVID-19 has created supply chain shortages that have impacted fleets.

Predictive Maintenance for Commercial Fleets

Learn about this powerful technology that is changing the way commercial fleets approach repairing and maintaining their equipment.

The HD Solution to the Technician Shortage

Learn about a specific solution to the heavy-duty repair and parts technician shortage.

Have You Listened to

Learn about this new internet radio channel dedicated to commercial drivers.