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The goal of heavy-duty parts companies is always to sell more parts. Yet, the message always sounds the same, does this sound familiar to you?

“Hi, I’m John Smith, and I work for ABC Parts Company. We’ve been in business for 75-years and our parts people have over 300-years combined parts experience. We sell a wide range of high-quality parts at affordable prices. The next time you think about buying the parts we sell, think about ABC company.”


Did You Know?

Video boosts engagement rates by 50% and 96% of consumers want more contact with industry leaders.

Getting to the Heart of Your Company

To be different, heavy-duty parts companies must get to the heart of who they are as a company and the message must resonate with their ideal customers. All too often, heavy-duty parts companies make their message all about their experience, products, and services.

They never get to the heart of who they are and how that impacts their perfect customer. They don’t explain in enough detail who their ideal customer is, what problems that kind of customer is dealing with, the economic impact of those problems, how their solution works, and why that is important to that kind of customer.

Create a DIFFERENT kind of message that will STAND OUT.

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B2B buyers are typically 57% of the way to a buying decision before actively engaging with sales.

Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report

Meet Jamie Irvine

Jamie Irvine has worked in the heavy-duty parts industry since 1998 and he is the host of the industry-leading show The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.

In 2020, Jamie launched the consulting division of his company which specializes in helping heavy-duty parts manufacturers and distributors get to the heart of who they are and creating a message that gets the attention of their ideal customers.

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Using your company name 4+ times in one sales interaction actually reduces your closing ratio by 14%.

Connected to the Industry

Since 2019, Jamie Irvine has conducted 100+ interviews (and counting) with manufacturers and industry professionals. During his career in heavy-duty parts, he has met and cultivated relationships with hundreds of manufacturers, service providers, and industry leaders.

If you are looking to form a new partnership, acquire or sell a company, or get someone to invest in your business, schedule a meeting with Jamie to see if he can help you achieve your objectives.

Let’s Transform the Heavy-Duty Parts Industry Together.