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Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting for Heavy-Duty Parts Companies in North America

We help heavy-duty parts companies create a unique message that attracts more ideal customers.

Clarify your message and customer profile

Create a message that stands out and gets your ideal customers attention.

Create consistent online content

Provide your customers with everything they need to make a buying decision.

Convert prospects into repeat customers

Guide prospects through the buying journey to becoming repeat customers.

Your business shouldn’t have to struggle to create and implement a marketing strategy that works.

Do you find yourself feeling …

  • Overwhelmed because there are so many marketing choices?
  • Worried about choosing the wrong things to
    focus on and wasting time and money?
  • Unsure of the best way to promote a product, program, or your company?
Puzzle pieces put into place

It’s time to put all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together.

What will creating a unique message that attracts ideal customers mean for your heavy-duty parts company?

We help heavy-duty parts manufacturers and their distributors solve the digital marketing puzzle and reach more commercial vehicle owners that need their solutions.

When you need a marketing plan that gets results!

Don’t waste your time with a digital marketing agency that doesn’t understand the trucking industry.

Work with people who have already built a platform that reaches the North American trucking industry.

How do we help heavy-duty parts companies?

We help you master 7 things that are critical to selling heavy-duty parts in North America.

  1. Establish a unique value proposition.
  2. Identify your ideal customer.
  3. Clarify your message.
  4. Create a sales presentation that fits on 10-slides or less.
  5. Create content consistently and leverage the power of digital marketing.
  6. Align your sales and marketing efforts for maximum ROI.
  7.  Make it easy for customers to buy from you.


Everything You Need to Succeed


  • Developing a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Updating the Brand
  • Creating Ideal Customer Profiles
  • Creating a Message that Stands Out
  • Creating a System that Consistently Produces Online Content

Help for the Marketing Team

  • Updating the Content on Your Website
  • Blog Articles, Technical Bulletins, & Product Announcements
  • Videos, Podcasts, & Webinars
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Campaigns
  • Press Releases
  • Print Materials

Help for the Sales Team

  • Using Social Media
  • Email Campaigns with Personalized Videos
  • Sales Training Using a Pitch Deck
  • Making You More Engaging and Separating You from Everyone Else

How Our Consulting Works

1. Schedule an initial consultation.

We start by learning about your heavy-duty parts business, your specific goals, and struggles.

2. Select your consulting package.

We will work with you and your team to develop a customized marketing strategy and guide your team through the implementation of the plan.

3. Reach more ideal customers.

Your marketing and sales efforts will be more successful because you will provide prospects with exactly what they need to become repeat customers.


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Take the first step today to learn how we can help you create a digital marketing strategy that leads to turning more prospects into customers faster than ever before.

Learn how we can help you

  • Create and Implement a Marketing Strategy
  • Use Messages That Stand Out
  • Attract Ideal Prospects
  • Turn Prospects Into Repeat Customers