Crossing Over to the Digital World

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Yesterday as I sat waiting for my truck to have a tire repaired I watched a scene that really upset me. The owner of the tire shop (a blue collar business owner) was having a discussion with a sales person about online marketing and social media management. The sales women was clearly not a sales professional and I felt she was really pushing the owner to make a decision on marketing that he was not ready to make.

This is a danger that many business owners need to be aware of. Most business owners know that they need to have a website and social media accounts. The issue of course is that they often know nothing about how digital marketing really works and they are susceptible (likely to be harmed by a particular thing) to people who have learned a few buzz words and acronyms that make them sound to the unsuspecting business owner as knowledgeable and creditable.

This sales person obviously had a relationship of some kind with the business owner which in my opinion made things even worse. She was taking advantage of him and making recommendations that were outdated and I could tell would be ineffective with low return on investment.

If you are a business owner and are struggling to make the crossing over to the digital world please follow a few simple steps:

  1. Do your own research. This should take you about an hour. Don’t try to learn the entire digital marketing business rather search these few keywords on Google by typing What Is and then one search at a time add these words: RWD or Responsive Web Design, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, UX Score on Website, Google Analytics, Keyword Ranking, Social Selling, Sales Funnels, PPC Advertising, Email Marketing
  2. Get three proposals. Just because your sister-in-law’s boyfriend is a so called web designer doesn’t mean you should hire him. When making a major digital marketing decision get three proposals from three different companies. You will be amazed at the range of proposals you will get.
  3. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Everything you are told about digital marketing can be fact checked. If there is something you are unclear on ask for clarification and then Google it. It will take you 5 minutes or less to verify anything.
  4. Use common sense. If it sounds to good to be true and the person or company making the offer is pushing you to take immediate action – DON’T. Walk away and move on to another proposal. A successful digital marketing strategy takes time to develop and although I’m sure it has happened a time or two it is very unlikely that you will sell $1 Million in the first three days by spending $299.99 on a limited time 24 hour special offer that promises to unleash the secrets of the online marketing world.

Making the crossing over to the digital world may seem daunting but with a little hard work, common sense and perseverance you can be successful. If you need additional help my team would love to make a proposal for your company. Please reach out to Gerrit at Trackstar Web Design for websites and Kurt Lohmann at  Engaged Social Media for social selling solutions.

Author: Jamie Irvine

Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report and a sales consultant that works with manufacturers, distributors, and SaaS companies serving the heavy-duty truck parts industry.

4 Replies to “Crossing Over to the Digital World”

  1. Good post. Lately I am thinking the same thing and way back thought the same thing. Many people who own a business know (or feel) they need digital marketing. It can help gather customers. A lot. But as you stated: only if you know what you are doing. And companies / sales people push for you to choose their company. More people should be made aware of what you wrote about. I like your post and what it wants to say: Be smart about it.

  2. Excellent post! This is a real problem for small business owners and they shouldn’t be strong armed into making a decision that might not be the best one for their company. Thanks for sharing this.

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