How Meritor Can Lower Your Cost-Per-Mile

When you are looking to source new parts, the sheer amount of parts out there can be overwhelming. However, Meritor has parts at different price points to not only meet any need that there could be but also lower your cost-per-mile.

Recently we interviewed Doug Dole, the General Manager of the Product Strategy division of Meritor.

Whether you are a fleet or independent repair shop, there are ways for you to take advantage of the wide range of products offered by Meritor. As an example, there are different price points of parts for any application that you may need them for. Whether you are wanting genuine parts for your new truck, or perhaps less expensive aftermarket parts if you are the second or third owner, Meritor has you covered.

The way that Meritor manufactures and sells their parts, is truly focused on cost-per-mile.

If a fleets’ life cycle is near the end of its life, Meritor’s value parts might be the way to go to save cost-per-mile. However, if your fleet is still new, replacing your parts with the genuine parts will save you money in the long run. By carrying this wide range of products, Meritor shows that they deeply consider cost-per-mile when it comes to their heavy-duty parts.

What about Meritor’s Parts Xpress. What role does it play when it comes to finding, and buying parts from Meritor?

They have a lot of things in their systems to help identify the parts they need. They do so by images, specifications, and other means so that their customers can get the right part the first time. Also, by having the genuine part side under their belt, you can be assured that you’ll be getting the right part you need.

 When it comes to buying Meritor genuine parts though, what do you get that you just don’t get buying any other part?

Doug said it best when he said,

“We’re a 110-year-old company. So, we know parts and know aftermarket and production. We’ve got engineering resources and technical centers around the world, that we leverage both for the production side of our business, as well as the aftermarket side of the business. This gives us access to resources that a normal aftermarket part supplier does not have access to.

Being a 110-year-old company still thriving in business means that you need to constantly be adapting to the changing times. So, how are they adapting, and what will that mean for the people who sell, buy, or install parts?

At the time mark 15:5, Doug said,

“We see all of this technology that is coming down the pipe. Meritor is on the leading edge of that technology…We have an entire team that is really dedicated to these advanced technologies, and there is a huge focus on the electrification, conductivity, and efficiency.”

Electric motors are becoming more advanced, and most likely be the way of the future. If you sell or install parts, you must start learning how to work on the new age of electric parts to stay in the game.

Meritor is a significant piece in not only the production side but also the aftermarket side of the industry. They’ve launched more products in the last 6 years, than any other point in the history of the company, which proves that they are focused on innovation and technology.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.

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