Spicer Select Aftermarket Drivetrain Products by Dana

Learn about the differences between Spicer Genuine OE Designed u-joints and Spicer Select Aftermarket u-joints.

Episode 16: In this episode, I will explain the differences, and provide you with Spicer’s suggestions of when you should use the Spicer Genuine OE Quality u-joint and when you should consider the Spicer Select Aftermarket u-joint.

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Show Notes

Spicer U-Joints have been the industry standard for heavy-duty applications for years. Most of my customers work in off-road conditions and they swear by the Spicer U-Joint.

If you’re thinking about the Spicer U-Joint in the red box then you are thinking about what Spicer calls their Genuine OE Quality u-joint. But did you know that Spicer has another line of u-joints called Spicer Select that comes in a purple box?

The warranty policy according to SpicerParts.com/SpicerSelect is 18-months or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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