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Clean Your DPF Instead of Buying Reman with Steve Hoke of Diesel Emissions Service

Learn why cleaning your DPF should be your first choice over replacing it with a reman or aftermarket new option.

Episode 19: Steve Hoke is the President of Diesel Emissions Service. In this episode, we talk about why you should clean your DPF instead of just replacing it.

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Show Notes

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are sold as new replacements and as reman units. The reman units are cheaper than replacing the filter with a new aftermarket option like what our guest Dave Jerman from RoadWarrior sells. You can listen to Dave talk about their aftermarket options in episode 6.

Another option is having your DPF cleaned and today’s guest will explain why it is not only a great option, but it should be your first choice.

Diesel Emissions Service cleans DPF with their Filtertherm DPF Thermal Regeneration cleaning equipment and an 8-step cleaning process that guarantees consistent results.

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