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International HX Series Severe-Duty Truck

Heavy-Duty Truck Review – Notable 2021 Navistar Trucks

Technology in trucks continue to advance. In this article, we review some of the notable advancements in the 2021 lineup of Navistar Trucks. 


International manufactures trucks for light, medium, heavy, and severe duty applications. As an industry leader with a deep legacy of innovation, they have proven that they are capable of continually moving forward. In an industry that is all about movement, there is no room for slowing down. Through the integration of innovations and technologies, they are continually striving to improve the safety, efficiency, and operability of all their trucks. International trucks are designed, tested, and proven to perform day-in and day-out, which means spending less time in the shop and more time on the job. 

The HX Series 

According to the International website, the cab of the new severe-duty HX Series is made of tough, durable, easy-to-repair steel. New advancements in manufacturing mean that steel can now offer the same corrosion resistance as aluminum without a weight penalty, not to mention greater strength. The HX Series is also available with a wide range of factory-installed lift axles.  The HX Series comes standard with either the International A26 or the Cummins X15.  

The International A26 is the lightest engine in its class and the quietest engine International Trucks offer, while also providing efficient power. The A26 is the ideal engine for vocational applications. The Cummins X15 on the other hand is known for being the proven muscle for the long haul. With horsepower ratings up to 605HP and 2,050 lb-ft of torque, the X15 delivers relentless performance. 

Standard with the HX Series comes the ability to customize up to 15 digital gauges on the instrument panel. Drivers can easily monitor everything from tire pressure, safety alerts, and axle load. These innovations help ensure the safety of the driver, as well as others on the road. 


On the Navistar website, it went into how the new enhanced features of the Bendix Wingman Fusion collision mitigation systems are now offered as standard on International LT Series, RH Series, but is also available on the MV Series, HV Series and HX Series.  

By upgrading from the earlier generation of Fusion as standard equipment on the International LT Series and RH Series, the enhanced Fusion system delivers: 

  • Enhanced collision mitigation and stationary vehicle  
  • Multilane automatic emergency  
  • Highway departure braking 
  • Enhanced Adaptive Cruise Control. 

The new and enhanced Wingman Fusion system now has the capacity to apply increased braking power on the tractor and trailer when compared to the original Fusion system. It also retains the capabilities of the system’s earlier versions, such as stationary object alerts, overspeed alerts and intervention, lane departure warning, and prioritized alerts to help reduce driver distraction. 

Further advancing available driver safety options on its heavy-duty lineup, International has also added the updated optional Bendix BlindSpotter Side Object Detection System features for the LT Series and RH Series. International has enhanced the optional Blindspotter system through improved integration with the vehicle’s controller area network. With this new integration, the updated BlindSpotter system provides a wider, 150-degree range of coverage, which can detect objects up to 20 feet in front of and 20 feet behind the BlindSpotter radar. The coverage zone extends up to 10 feet to the right of the vehicle. 

By operating in two modes – highway speeds and lower speeds – the updated Blindspotter system has an increased ability to filter stationary objects like guardrails at highway speeds, and narrows the range for alerts without filtering stationary objects or infrastructure at speeds less than 20 mph. The updated BlindSpotter system maintains the look, size, position and mounting hardware of its radar and in-cab display units. 

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.


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