Advanced Tools for Heavy-Duty Parts Identification

There is a saying, “you rarely get more than you pay for.” I’ve applied this to buying heavy-duty parts because usually buying cheaper parts upfront means paying much more on the backend as your cost-per-mile increases. In this episode, I am going to introduce you to two advanced tools for heavy-duty parts identification which are ABSOLUTELY FREE with no additional hidden costs.

Episode 38: I’d like to introduce you to Truck Parts Cross & Truck Parts Look Up.

Question 1: What is Truck Parts Cross?

Truck Parts Cross is exactly what it sounds like, a place to cross heavy-duty truck and trailer parts from OEM part numbers to Aftermarket part numbers. There are millions of direct crosses on Truck Parts Cross and they have the code D in a column beside the part number and manufacturer. You will also find millions of indirect crosses, which are coded with an I.

Question 2: Why is Truck Parts Cross free?

“As a team, we are committed to providing the world’s best database of commercial trucks parts cross-referencing with both direct and indirect crosses. We work feverishly to ensure that users can find all the information needed quickly and easily so that valuable resources and time aren’t wasted looking for the right parts.”

Question 3: How does this impact the industry?

Well to start with, heavy-duty truck dealerships with an all-makes parts program and aftermarket parts distributors typically pay an annual subscription fee to use a cross-reference tool called Fleet Cross. Since Truck Parts Cross is free, significant savings can be found using this platform over a paid platform.

Question 4: What is Truck Parts Look Up?

Truck Parts Look Up is the tool that will empower the heavy-duty parts industry to find parts without VIN or engine serial numbers.

Question 5: Is Truck Parts Look Up free as well?

The answer is YES, but unlike Truck Parts Cross, it won’t remain free forever.

Question 6: What impact will Truck Parts Look Up have on the heavy-duty truck parts industry?

I personally think that Truck Parts Cross and Truck Parts Look Up are going to disrupt the heavy-duty parts industry.

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