The Real Cost of a Reman DPF Filter

Learn what’s the real cost of buying a Reman DPF filter, and what alternative does Roadwarrior offer to the reman program?


Episode 40: If there is one thing, I hear consistently from fleets is that they are sick and tired of the high cost of maintaining their after-treatment systems. As with most things in business you rarely get more than you pay for but sometimes the true cost of a purchase is hidden from you in plain sight.

Today I am happy to have Dave Jerman of Roadwarrior back on the podcast. Dave talked to us about how to properly maintain your DPF filters in episode 6. Dave and the Roadwarrior crew have been hard at work since then and they have some exciting news to share with us later in the podcast but first, we are going to talk about the real cost of a reman DPF filter.

Question 1: How does the reman DPF filter program work?

Question 2: What is the problem with the reman program from your perspective?

Question 3: What is the real cost of buying a reman DPF filter?

Question 4: If you sell after-treatment products, what concerns should you have when selling a reman DPF?

Question 5: What alternative does Roadwarrior offer to the reman program?

Question 6: Roadwarrior has been hard at work building a new order fulfillment system, tell us about your new guaranteed overnight, and in some cases the same day, delivery system?

To learn more go to DieselFilters.com.

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