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High-Quality Fuel Injection Systems That Won’t Quit

Learn from the Experts at AMBAC about how to take care of your fuel injection systems, and what services and experience AMBAC has to offer.

Episode 46: Robert Isherwood is the CEO of AMBAC Intl. In this episode, we discuss the most common reason for diesel fuel injection failure, the services AMBAC can offer that no one else can, and how AMBAC feels about adapting to EV and other power sources.

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Show Notes

Question 1: What’s the most common reason people have a diesel fuel injection system failure?

Improper maintenance is the leading cause.

Question 2: As a manufacturer of diesel fuel injection systems what keeps you up at night?

The long-term and short-term future of the trucking industry.

Question 3: Your customers include OEM’s and large distributors, but you also have a reman program, tell us more about that program.

Reman is not repair or refurbished. It’s a process of bringing parts back to, or above OEM standards.

Question 4: You do not just manufacture parts, but you also have several services that you offer including access to your labs. Tell us more about that.

Have capabilities that few in the world can match. It can provide services to our industry that others cannot.

Question 5: As we move away from fossil fuel technology, we are seeing the introduction of new technology, how will AMBAC adapt to EV and other power sources?

AMBAC has been a pioneer when it comes to new alternative fuel systems and emissions control and will continue to do so.

Question 6: If there is one thing you want the listeners to take away from today’s conversation, what is that one thing?

Do regular maintenance on your vehicle.

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