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A Company Taking the Lead on Mobilizing Commercial Vehicle Intelligence

Learn some of the ways that WABCO is leading the industry in commercial vehicle intelligence.

Episode 53: Abe Aon is the General Manager and Business Leader for After Sales, Service & Support and Collin Shaw is the North American Marketing & Business Development Leader for ZF Wabco.

In this episode we discuss the global scope of WABCO, their focus on safety, and how their engineers continue to innovate and solve problems in the industry.

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Show Notes

Question 1: Abe, can you give us a sense of the global scope of WABCO? 

WABCO is in all corners of the world, including major operations in every continent in the world besides Antarctica, even though there may be WABCO products there.

Question 2: Collin, what does it mean when WABCO says it’s “mobilizing vehicle intelligence?” 

It makes sure that all information that WABCO has that a fleet needs is bundled up in a way that can be understood and provide actual intelligence on.

Question 3: Abe, how does WABCO focus on safety? 

WABCO takes a comprehensive approach to safety. They take safety seriously from the manufacturing floor to the assets. Employee safety is also very serious.

Question 4: Collin, WABCO engineers’ solutions, how have they tackled vehicle weight? 

As an example, their new disk brakes are 13lbs lighter. If you have a truck that has 6 wheel ends, you’re saving close to 70lbs in weight. Constantly working to improve and redesign their products.

Question 5: Abe, what has WABCO done to improve energy recovery and fuel economy while reducing emissions? 

They look at manufacturing facilities, look to improve efficiency, and lower waste. Remanufacture to lower their footprint. They also really look into their own products to redesign them to increase fuel economy and efficiency.

Question 6: Collin, WABCO manufacturers products for Truck, Trailers, Bus, and Off-Highway, what is something that WABCO is doing today that you are excited about the most? 

Most excited about unlocking the power of ADAS with their braking system.

Question 7: Abe, if there is one thing you want the listeners to take away from today’s conversation, what is that one thing? 

WABCO is more than a parts company. They are there to be a partner in their customers’ success, while also being here for you along the way to maximize efficiency.

Question 8: Collin, any departing words for our listeners? 

WABCO is focused on making sure their customers and people driving the trucks have uptime.

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