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The Industry’s First Serviceable Spindle

Learn about United Axle’s game-changing repairable axle spindle.

Episode 57: Todd Carroll is the Founder and President of United Axle. In this episode, we discuss United Axle’s repairable axle spindle, how it saves lots of money on repairs and the story that goes into how they came up with the idea.

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Show Notes

Question 1: Historically, when an axle spindle is damaged what was the repair process?

In the past the spindle was not replaceable, you would need to replace the entire axle.

Question 2: Tell us the story of reimagining that repair process.

It started with the goal of making it serviceable. Finally, it was thought to put threads on the spindle. Once it was invented, the product blew up and became very desired.

Question 3: What hurdles did you encounter as you developed the spindle replacement process?

We saw what the competitors were doing and knew about their patents. So, coming up with the idea to put threads on the spindle was completely unique.

Question 4: When you start welding a foundational piece of a truck like an axle there has to be some concern about the integrity of those repairs, how do you meet or exceed the safety requirements on an axle?

We have a 3 -inch by a 3-inch-long threaded lug on the back of our spindle. When we thread that spindle in it’s torqued to 800-foot pounds, and then come back and weld that spindle into place.

Question 5: Could we see a time where this technology is spec by the truck manufacturers?

We had those conversations before Covid-19, and even though it slowed down, we are excited to continue those conversations soon.

Question 6: If there is one thing you want the listeners to take away from today’s conversation, what is that one thing?

Educate yourselves. There are lots of tools on the market that were never there before. It’s good to educate yourself.

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