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Key Drivers to Sell More Heavy-Duty Parts

Learn about the advances being made in the aftermarket industry.

Episode 58: Daniel Simon and Kevin Smith of Dorman Products. In this episode, we discuss how aftermarket parts have been advancing, and the effect that this is having on the industry for the better, while also talking about what drives the sales of heavy-duty parts.

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Show Notes

Question 1: Daniel, what is a key driver of the OE Truck Dealers holding a high market share in the replacement parts business?

There are many drivers, but one is the lack of awareness of the aftermarket. There is also a belief that dealer level service is only found at a dealership. However, with the advancing aftermarket, and companies such as Diesel Laptops with their dealer level diagnostic tools, this level of service is now attainable outside of a dealer.

Question 2: Kevin, how important is parts availability?

Lowering downtime is crucial, especially for a small fleet. Parts availability helps ensure that trucks can be on the road as soon as possible.

Question 3: Daniel, why do independent service channels sometimes feel ignored?

They can feel this way because they do not know what shipment they are getting until it arrives. There is just not the same type of ability for an independent service center to service the customer.

Question 4: Kevin, why do OE Truck Dealers have as much as 90% market share of emerging categories like after-treatment?

They have all the capabilities already in place to use advancing systems. They do not have to worry about all makes because generally, they work on their own product. However, aftermarket products are catching up.

Question 5: Daniel, what is Dorman doing to connect aftermarket distributors with independent service channels?

It is a combination of having boots on the ground and their technological tools. From a technology side, cataloging VIN’s to offer the right parts to the right vehicles. They have every part cataloged to each year, make, and model.

Question 6: Gents, if there is one thing you want the listeners to take away from today’s conversation, what is that one thing?

Do not give up on the aftermarket, because they’re growing and really putting in their time to make quality parts.

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