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More than Just Air Horns and Ride Control Systems

Learn about what Hadley stands for as a company, and what they can do for you.

Episode 62: Brian Kujala is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Hadley. In this episode, we discuss how Hadley is so much more than just their high-quality air horns, and ride control systems. We dive into what their key goal is as a company, and about their revolutionary products.

VIDEO UPDATE (3/9/21): Link Mfg., Ltd., announced acquisition of valve and suspension control product lines from Hadley Products Corp on March 9, 2021. All valve and suspension control product lines are now available through Link’s nationwide network of dealers. For more information on Link products or to find a dealer, please call (800) 222-6283 or visit: https://www.linkmfg.com/dealers

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Show Notes

Question 1: Hadley has an unwavering commitment to the trucking industry, your slogan is “Your Vehicle, Your Company, Your Success” and I would like to hear what that means to you?

Hadley focuses on what they can do for their customers. In other words, they are a product company, but one that focuses on solving problems for their customers.

Question 2: How have ride control systems changed in recent years, because I see that you now have a Smart Valve?

When it was released in 2013, customers could expect greater functionality, more feedback, and diagnostic controls. It’s an evolution of the mechanical valve business. The Smart Valve solves a couple of problems. It protects the driver, improves safety, and creates greater profit.

Question 3: Hadley really is a solutions partner to the trucking industry, tell us the story of how Hadley started manufacturing air horns?

Harold Hadley started the company in Ohio in 1945 and owned it until the ’70s. It was acquired after that by a company that manufactured ride control systems.

Question 4: As we look to the future, where do you see the aftermarket heading when we are talking about diagnostics?

We are seeing a transition of fleets getting much more interested in dealing with some of the suppliers, specifically in regard to the diagnostics of these new technologies coming out. We’re going to see a streamlining of troubleshooting and diagnostic control.

Question 5: We’ve spoken about technician shortages on the podcast before, how important is FTF training for the industry?

Time is important. Even though training through zoom, or videos may be convenient, or necessary right now, face to face training accelerates above all other ways.

Question 6: Whether you are training technicians or marketing your products, media like audio and especially video are so powerful. How has Hadley used video and why should others consider it?

Hadley has put allot of funds into audio and video sources. Also, they work hard to get on every social media channel to push content into different spaces. Each post is customized to uniquely fit each platform it is on. This is necessary because we live in a world with a huge online presence. Nowadays, this is the best way to reach people.

Question 7: Hadley is a leader in the industry, in our planning for this episode you said something that I would like to explore more, you asked the question, “ has COVID-19 set our industry back 3 – 5 years?” I guess I want to know if that is true, in what way?

In one aspect, a lot of it is financially driven. But the gap we have now is the lack of face-to-face time and development time. There is allot of layoffs, and for the most part, productivity was halted. 3-5 years might be real depending on how this continues to play out.

Question 8: Whether it’s products like your ride control systems that impact cost-per-mile to your air horns that affect the safety or the many other products you manufacture, what is the thing you want people to think about first when they think Hadley?

Hadley is focused on its customers’ personal needs, the company’s needs, and their futures. Hadley is there to ease doing business.

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