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A Wide Range of Parts Designed to Meet Fleets Specifications

Learn what Dayton Parts does to continue improving their parts, and how they can save your fleet money. 

Episode 63: Walter Sherbourne is the Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service at Dayton Parts LLC. In this episode, we discuss how Dayton Parts continues to reinvent themselves, how they have a range of parts for every situation, and how their parts lower cost-per-mile for the fleets that use them.

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Show Notes

Question 1: From 1922 when Dayton got its start as Harrisburg Stanley Spring Works; your mission has been clear – to offer quality parts at numerous price points allowing customers to spec exactly the right part for the customers’ application. How does that mission impact Dayton Parts 98-years later?

At Dayton Parts they have a very strong heritage. Their work ethic, and what their customers demand and need stuck with them. Also, they have many options for parts for each application.

Question 2: For those of us that may not be familiar with the history of Dayton Parts what products are you best known for?

They are best known for their leaf springs. That is what they built their heritage on. The other products they are also known for are parts that go around the leaf springs.

Question 3: You’ve formed great partnerships with other manufacturers when someone does business with Dayton Parts what range of products are available?

Alongside the already mentioned core products, they also have shock absorbers, abs components, polyurethane suspension products, and cargo control.

Question 4: What do you do at Dayton Parts that is different than other parts manufacturers?

They have also become and world-class distribution company. They not only distribute their products but also other manufacturer’s products as well.

Question 5: Over the years your company has expanded and grown by acquisition and by really reinventing yourself, you have almost been in business for 100-years. What does the future look like for Dayton Parts?

The future is bright. They have got some young engineers who listen to the customer base, understand what the needs are, and who give suggestions on ways to improve their products.

Question 6: How does Dayton Parts lower cost-per-mile for the fleets that use your parts?

Dayton Parts offer alternative parts. They are known for making sure that the alternative (aftermarket parts) meet the OEM level of quality. So, your cost-per-mile is going to be similar regardless of whether you go with OEM or aftermarket parts.

Question 7: What is one thing you want listeners to take away from this?

Do not look over the truck parts industry, because it will provide you with a good living, and is very family orientated.

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