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Thermal Management – Rugged HVAC Parts for Fleets

Learn why it is important to pay attention to your heaters, and AC systems, and why Red Dot’s parts are exemplary.

Episode 64:  Pat Carroll is the Vice-President of Sales for Red Dot. In this episode, we discuss what you need to know when it comes to heavy-duty heaters, and AC systems, and what makes Red Dot’s products so great.

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Show Notes

Question 1: What is a typical reason for a heater to malfunction?

Primarily, if the heater core is specified for the application, the main thing to go is the blower, which may wear out, or a water valve.

Question 2:  How important is it to have no-idle auxiliary bunk heating systems in the truck?

It is important to give the drivers a good night’s sleep, it’s safer for everyone on the road. Because of the innovation of having heaters without the need to idle the truck, this is tremendously cutting back emissions, and the wear and tear of a vehicle.

Question 3: What makes your off-the-shelf heater units and the replacement parts you sell uniquely in terms of quality and performance?

All Red Dots products are fully designed, validated, and are built to survive.

Question 4: What causes an AC system to fail?

The number one cause of failure is caused by refrigerant leaks. Often people develop a slow leak and do not notice until they have a compressor failure.

Question 5: Tell us about the development of technology like ProTecht.

ProTecht is an advanced troubleshooting, and system protecting part. It has charge sensing technology that monitors the refrigerant levels. If your level gets low but is still working, you get a warning. This allows the operator to get to a service center before his system fails.

Question 6: What kind of maintenance should fleets be doing on AC units?

They need to do regular inspections of all the joints, and hoses to see if there are noticeable leaks that need repair.

Question 7: How does purchasing higher-quality HVAC systems and replacement parts lower the overall cost of operation for fleets and owner-operators?

You get what you pay for. By going with cheaper products, often it can end up costing you far more in the long run because of more downtimes from failing parts.

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