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Learn about Phillips latest high-quality products, and how they can save you money.

Episode 65: Rob Phillips is the CEO of Phillips Industries. In this episode, we discuss how Phillips continues to improve and innovate its products, which in effect saves fleets money, and makes everyone’s lives easier.

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Show Notes

Question 1: Phillips Industries started in 1928 by Hugh W. Phillips and is still being operated by the Phillips family today. What is it like to be responsible for a legacy business?

From working alongside every department for the last 25 years, a deep love for the business was founded. If you are passionate about the business, you will enjoy the legacy business.

Question 2: When I think of Phillips I think of my early experiences with your products, glad hands, coiled air hoses, and electrical cables, and yet today you’re producing really innovative products. What drives Phillips to be innovative?

By staying close to their customers, and having a good relationship with them, they are able to find out where their products can use improvement, and then making those changes for the better.

Question 3: What is STA-DRY and how did that innovation come about?

In the mid-’90s there was magnesium chloride being put on the highways to prevent accidents from the snow. However, this product speeds up the corrosion effects. STA-DRY was developed to keep those salts out of their products. It’s also simple to change on the side of the road if needed.

Question 4: Another favorite product of mine is the QWIK-CHECK, can you explain what that is and how it helps?

QWIK-CHECK is a product that allows any user to see the condition of each of their wires. Also, it is an easy way to find out where a problem lies, so you can do the right troubleshooting.

Question 5: What is one of the new products that you really like?

There are many products that are exciting. The 3-in-1 kits are two rubber airlines, and one electrical line, which helps keep everything organized, and protected. Also, they have X-TEND which is easy to install that keeps your cables from swinging and banging against the back of the cab. Furthermore, the S7 swivel socket is a huge money saver for many fleets dealing with damaged lines from jack-knifing.

Question 6: We have been living through some tough times lately, when you look to the future, what opportunities do you see for the aftermarket parts and repair sector?

There is a big opportunity to make a shift to be able to deliver smaller shipments of products at much faster rates, such as one- or two-day deliveries. This means fewer warehouses full of parts in every shop, and faster receiving of parts.

Question 7: What is the one thing you want people to think of when they think of Phillips products?

Everything that Phillips manufactures, is designed to be easier and faster to repair in the field, while also being able to last longer.

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