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What is a Tire Mask or Tuff Deck?

Learn why you need to know about the Tire Mask and Tuff Deck.

Episode 68: Aaron Dauner is the CEO of Transport Maintenance Products (TMP). In this episode, we discuss the problems in the industry that TMP solves with their Tire Mask, and Tuff deck, as well as the economic advantages to using their products.

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Show Notes

Question 1: Where does the innovation come from at your company?

He grew up in a trucker family, so from a young age, he was washing, waxing, and polishing trucks. To this day, whenever he looks at a truck, he asks himself what he can do to improve it, both in safety and appearance.

Question 2: What alerted you to the problem of DOT compliance with rims?

When he was 17, he was told to paint some truck tires, rims, and hubs. When he asked for maskers, he learned that there were no such products on the market, only the long difficult way of taping it off. Painting these parts is crucial for not only the appearance aspect but also adds safety because you can see cracks.

Question 3: Tell me about the solution to this problem, what is the Tire Mask and how does it work?

Tire Mask are masks for painting, and are flexible, reusable, and cuts the labor down 90%.

Question 4: You have also created a product called Tuff Deck, what problem are you solving with this product?

Deck plates are made of thin aluminum and have a brittleness, and because they are riveted together, they rattle apart. However, with Tuff Deck, it is a single injection molded piece of plastic, that is engineered to hold at least 1000 lbs. They’re lightweight and easy to install and uninstall too.

Question 5: What can happen if this problem isn’t addressed?

Nothing good can come from a loose deck plate. People can get injured.

Question 6: What is the economic upside of solving the problems that Tire Mask and Tuff Deck solve?

These products reduce the cost of labor, and maintenance significantly.

Question 7: If you could leave the audience with one thought about the commercial truck maintenance, what is that one thing you want them to remember?

In addition to scheduled maintenance, also do your pre-trip inspections.

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