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Lug Nuts and Air Bags Can Cost You More Than You Think

Learn about a solution you can get to prevent wheels from coming off unexpectedly on your fleet.

Episode 69: Jack Phelps is the VP of Product Development and Jim Keegan is the Director of Sales at HQ Truck Parts. In this episode, we discuss what causes a commercial truck or trailer to lose a wheel, and the solution to this problem. We also, dive into some of the other products they offer.

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Show Notes

Question 1: What happens when a commercial truck or trailer loses a wheel?

Three things can cause a wheel to come off. Bearing freeze-up, shear studs, and the number one reason being loose lug nuts. Even when lug nuts are torqued to 500 ft/lbs can loosen over time and end up coming off.

Question 2: Who is put at most risk when this happens?

The general public because wheels usually end up coming off on the highway. If you’re traveling at highway speeds, when that wheel comes off, anyone driving, walking, or nearby at all are at risk of serious injuries. Everyone is a target when a wheel comes off.

Question 3: What is the solution that you sell?

The Safety Lug Lock. It is a wheel nut locking system that is designed to fit over two lugs, and press fits over and locks the two lugs in place. It will not back off on you.

Question 4: What are the common reasons for airbags to fail?

Airbags on their own don’t normally fail. Generally, though, it is just caused by something coming off the highway and poking your air spring, and in some cases, some things loosen overtime.

Question 5: Airbags don’t always experience catastrophic failure; can you explain another kind of failure?

The Lift Axle Control Module (LACM) is the valve that puts the air into the bags and takes them out. If the air system is not distributing air evenly on an axle, it can cause damage and cup the tires. This becomes a maintenance issue.  With the Intellectual Lift Axle Control Module (ILACM), the computer chip will tell the driver if there is a slow leak.

Question 6: What products does HQ Truck Parts sell today, and how do they work?

There are many, but some of them being lift air controls, and the brand new ILACM. With the ILACM, it is the first automatic lift axle control system, the pretty much takes the driver out of the situation. The difference between a LACM and an ILACM can be likened to the difference between a standard transmission, to an automatic transmission.

Question 7: What is the best way to communicate these things to our customers when we are trying to sell these products?

Anytime you can upgrade a product and safety, you create less liability for a fleet, regardless of the price. It is a secondary safety feature to assure that your vehicle is as safe as possible.

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