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How Will Heavy-Duty Parts Distribution Change?

Learn about the changes we can expect in the future when it comes to how heavy-duty parts are distributed.

Episode 77: In this episode we have a replay of a live interview we did with Scott Boltz where we discussed the future of heavy-duty parts distribution.

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Show Notes 

Whether we like it or not, technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and this impacts the future of the heavy-duty parts industry. In this episode, both Scott Boltz and Jamie Irvine discuss their opinions about where we will see the industry heading in the next few years, and long into the future. During this episode, we get to see the similarities of their ideas, the differences, and gain insight in the direction the industry is going.

If you are in the heavy-duty parts industry, as a manufacturer or distributor, this interview will challenge the way you think about the future of heavy-duty parts distribution. 

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