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An Efficient and Sustainable Solution for Oil Changes

Learn why going with Femco’s oil drain plugs save fleets money, while also creating sustainability.

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Show Notes 

Question 1: Changing oil on commercial vehicles with diesel engines is something that you have to do regularly, how do we do it more efficiently? 

There are many ways to do it more efficiently, to the point that it’s almost forgotten by the technicians. Being one of the messier areas in maintenance, there is a lot of room for competitiveness in a fleet setting.

Question 2: What different styles of drain plugs do you have, and what problem do they solve?

The Femco Standard series drain plug (aka The Original), Click Drain Plug, Non-Drip Drain Plug, Compact Drain Plug, and the XL Drain Plug. Each one of these products is slightly different than one other, but they all make oil changes faster, cleaner, and more efficient.

Question 3: It is one thing to change fluids in a shop, it is quite another to have to do that in the field, tell me about the Femco Drain Systems, what are they and how do they work? 

The ability to have mobile services done for your fleet can be very beneficial. However, with the traditional drain system, oil drips or spills on the lot are a common sight. Femco’s goal is to almost eliminate any type of spillage when it comes to oil changes and to increase the efficiency of the service.

Question 4: Sustainability is such an important goal for our society, how do all these products that Femco manufactures contribute to fleets being more sustainable? 

Sustainability comes from keeping oil off the ground and keeping it out of inefficient operations which creates waste from being overhandled. If you can cut 1% of oil loss per change, over the scope of many fleets, that is a massive contribution to the sustainability of our planet.

Question 5: Tell me a story of how Femco helped a fleet, what were they experiencing, how did your products change their experience, and what was the economic impact? 

Femco began conversations with a company on a cost-saving basis. Not only did Femco’s products cut costs for the company, but it increased efficiency to an extent that they ended up using their products not only on their tractors, but also their medium-duty, forklifts, and some stationary pieces of equipment.

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