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Augmented Reality Training Software for the Trucking Industry

Learn about how augmented reality traning technology is enabling repair facilities and parts companies to improve the training of their people.

HDPR Live # 59: We need more repair technicians and parts technicians. Training is a big component of filling that need. There are new technologies like augmented reality training being leveraged to help train technicians for the trucking industry.

To learn more about this I invited Matt Johnston, Director of Commercial Solutions at Design Interactive to join us today.

Matt directs product development and overseas commercial business development, sales, and marketing for Design Interactive. His primary focus is AUGMENTORâ„¢, an instructor-led, and self-guided training platform enhanced by augmented reality. He also took the lead on the Augmented and Virtual Reality training task force for the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Association.

To learn more, go to GOaugmentor.com.

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