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Do EVs Have More Emissions Than Diesel Powered Trucks?

Learn about the surprising report that was issued by CARB.

HDPR Live # 53: How is it possible that EVs have more emissions than Diesel-powered trucks?

According to an article on TruckPartsandService.com CARB has released a report that says just that.

““Not all electric trucks will fall behind their internal combustion counterparts because of long charge times. Some will deliver impressive gains so long as they don’t stray beyond their range and require a trip to the charger during the workday. However, where they are losing, according to the California Air Resources Board, is in the more critical race to lower emissions.”

Data released recently by CARB indicate that low carbon fuels, like renewable diesel and biodiesel, are actually rendering the best reductions in transportation-related sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We are going to get to the bottom of this in today’s episode.

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