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The Evolution of Electric Vehicles and Their Technicians

Exploring the adoption of battery electric vehicles and the consequences for heavy-duty technicians.

Episode 278:  Get ready for an electrifying discussion with James Cade, the founder of AMI on the future of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). We dissect the mandates shaping the BEV landscape and their immense implications for vehicle adoption. California, a pioneer in this field with its far-reaching regulations, also comes under the spotlight, as we analyze its regulatory influence on other states.

Shifting gears to the pressing matter of training for electric vehicle technicians: Is it better to elevate our existing technicians or to hire new ones? As we grapple with this conundrum, we also recognize the goldmine of knowledge held by our seasoned veterans who are nearing retirement. Furthermore, we underline the necessity of a robust infrastructure to support the implementation of electric vehicles.

James Cade is the Principal of Asset Maintenance Insights (AMI)

Asset Maintenance Insights Logo alongside HDPR Logo. in this episode, we explore the adoption of battery electric vehicles and the consequences for heavy-duty technicians.


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