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Heavy-Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA)

HDMA Announces Major Change in 2021

2021 to see a major change at the Heavy-Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA) with a new President and COO which brings the current leadership of Tim Kraus to a conclusion when he retires next year.

On December 18, 2020, the HDMA announced in a press release that David Giroux will become president and chief operating officer of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA), and the current president and COO, Tim Kraus, will retire after 16 years at the trade association, MEMA President and CEO Bill Long announced today. HDMA is the commercial vehicle division of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association.  
Giroux, who will join HDMA on Jan. 4, 2021, brings more than 25 years of experience working with global OEM industry leaders, tier-1 suppliers, and companies in the heavy-duty aftermarket. Giroux’s previous assignments included positions throughout North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, working for well-known companies such as Ford Motor Company; Meritor, Inc.; Peterbilt Motors Company; Navistar, Inc.; and Daimler Trucks North America.
“The work of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association is critically important to the overall commercial vehicle industry, now more than ever,” said MEMA President and CEO Bill Long. “Our industry and our members are experiencing and driving transformational advances in (commercial) vehicle technology, while at the same time adapting to shifts in the global marketplace. The choice of David Giroux is aligned with the association’s mission to champion and advance the business interests of vehicle parts manufacturers and the commercial vehicle industry. David will be taking the reins from Tim Kraus, and the HDMA leadership team knows he will keep the organization and the industry moving forward.”

Notable Career

In his most recent role, Giroux served as head of special projects, reporting directly to Daimler Trucks North America President & CEO Roger Nielsen. “Giroux’s ascent to president and COO at HDMA will benefit the entirety of the industry,” said Nielsen. “It is critically important for the industry to harmonize and communicate on a variety of future topics, from supplier optimization to aftermarket growth, and among original equipment manufacturers themselves. Giroux is undoubtedly a superlative selection. We applaud MEMA and HDMA for this choice and look forward to enhancing our participation with HDMA.”

Known for providing authentic executive leadership and effective marketing/communications strategies David has been an essential contributor with a proven record captivating target audiences with clear messaging and innovative marketing strategies for 25+ years. He is a big picture thinker and detailed tactician with in-depth knowledge of how to impact both local and global markets. A solutions-oriented communicator who excels at inspiring teams and enriching collaborative outcomes David will use his professional skill set to guide the HDMA and expand on all that has been accomplished over the last 16-years by Tim Kraus.

Changing of the Guard

This is the story in so many companies in the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry. Well-respected people who have helped advance and expand the industry are retiring and while we are sad to see them leave the industry, the work for those of us who get to stand on the shoulders of these giants of the industry is very important.

During Kraus’ tenure, annual revenues at HDMA increased four-fold and the association grew from 40 to nearly 200 members. “Tim Kraus has built something remarkable at HDMA,” said Long. “When he retires in February, he will leave a highly-respected, full-service and supplier-focused association. We look forward to David Giroux adding to this legacy of excellent leadership and success.”

Think about the things that have happened during the 16-years that Tim Kraus was at the helm of the HDMA? Between 2004 and 2020 the world has fundamentally changed in many ways; we’ve seen the rise of digital technology, the 2008 “Great Recession”, the introduction of aftertreatment systems and tighter emissions standards, Donald Trump becoming President, the beginning of electrifying commercial vehicles, and a Global Pandemic just to name a few of the notable events.

What will David Giroux face as he takes the lead of HDMA?

Time will tell but one thing we can be sure of, the challenges will be no less daunting, and strong leadership is exactly what we need as an industry to ensure that we continue to thrive.


Based in North Carolina, HDMA is the Commercial Vehicle Division of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), a major industry association with a forward-looking strategy and a 116-year legacy of advocacy for the vehicle supplier industry.
A member-driven organization, HDMA provides industry leadership for North American based original equipment and aftermarket suppliers in the on- and off-highway commercial vehicle equipment industry. This is accomplished through a range of services to its nearly 200 member companies, which represent direct employment of nearly 200,000 in their U.S. facilities.
For more information, visit HDMA.org 

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Author: Jamie Irvine

Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report and a consultant that works with manufacturers, distributors, and SaaS companies serving the heavy-duty truck parts industry.


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