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A Floor Mat That Can Save the Cab of Your Truck

When it comes to the inside of your truck, there is only one thing protecting your floor, and that is your floor mats. However, with so many different floor mats out there, what makes the floor mats by Minimizer stand out above the rest? 

We recently had the opportunity to interview Steve Hansen of Minimizer. 

Heavy-Duty Parts Performance

Not all parts are manufactured to the same specifications. All parts are tested, but are they tested and tortured?  It was very interesting listening to Steve talk to us about what it means when Minimizer tortures it’s products.  

He said the following: 

“Years ago, it meant taking a baseball bat, or a sledgehammer and smacking our stuff around… Today we use third-party testing facilities, that are a little more refined, but the same principles apply. They go through wear tests, and can simulate X number of years of usage, in just a few days.” 

Listen in as Steve explains at the 1:30 mark the different ways they’ve tested their products through the years. 

Laser Measured for Accuracy

Being tested and tortured are not the only reasons why Minimizers floor mats are considered high-end. To ensure the mats fit, truck cabs are laser measured in order to fit. Even if you have some additional accessories in your cab that might affect the way the mat fits, each floor mat is designed with mold lines built into them. These lines can be cut with a utility knife, and because of careful design, the new cut edge will look factory. 

High-Quality Raw Materials

When you think of high-end products, usually they are made of better-quality materials, and Minimizers floor mats are no exception to that. They make their mats from a proprietary blend of poly, and rubber. Thus, making them not only tough, and durable, but also making them comfortable for those long trips you must make.  

What about after a long day of work, you are feeling tired, but you notice that you really need to clean your mats, what is the process for doing that?  

Steve said it best when he said: 

“It couldn’t be easier, you just pull it out, power-wash it, and then put it back in. When you pull it out, it is one of those things because low and behold, your floor is pristine.” 

Minimizers floor mats are high-quality, and with that comes a little bit of a higher premium price in order to buy this best on the market mat. What is the cost of going with the cheaper products? We’ve all heard the famous saying “you get what you pay for”, and this is the case. There is a substantial difference in the forming process, material, and durability. Going with these cheaper products can end up costing you far more in the long run. 

Return on Investment is High

When returning a leased truck many fleets are being charged as much as $800 for damage to the floor, a good set of floor mats will only cost you about $200 so that is a $600 savings per truck. If you own the truck your resale value is impacted, and it could cost you even more.  

In fact, one of Minimizers customers invested over $80,000 in floor mats and installed them in all 440 trucks. Listen to the story at the 13:03 mark of the interview. 

Steve recounts the story: 

“The customer was willing to go on camera and after spending the $80,000 on floor mats the customer calculated that it saved him $1000 per truck which resulted in a total savings of $440,000 dollars.” 

Although floor mats don’t directly impact cost-per-mile like other parts they do contribute to the overall profitability of a fleet so regardless of whether you are selling parts, repairing trucks at a repair shop, or managing a fleet you owe it to that fleet to recommend Minimizers heavy-duty floor mats. 

It was a great interview and discussion, and we appreciated Steve being a guest onThe Heavy-Duty Parts Report. 

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.


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