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Will Increasing Wages Solve the Technician Shortage?

For years we have heard about the repair and parts technician shortage and yet recently we have received push back from technicians who say raising wages will solve the problem.

HDPR Live # 61: Fleet maintenance managers and repair shop owners, you know how hard it is to find repair technicians.

But did you know that some repair technicians claim, “there is no repair technician shortage!” They also say that “the work is getting done, so how can there be a shortage.”

Yet those same repair technicians claim that the industry has colluded to keep wages low and that poor working conditions are what is keeping more people from joining the industry which in itself indicates that there is indeed a shortage, but the causes are up for debate.

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On the other side of the equation fleets and repair shop owners say that they are desperate to find repair technicians and parts companies can’t find enough parts technicians and no matter what they do it doesn’t ever seem to be enough.

Aaron Picozzi, President of the American Diesel Training Centers confirmed, “there are 90,000 open positions for heavy-duty mechanics right now.” If you would like to listen to a complete interview with Aaron Picozzi about the technician shortage, listen to episode 93 of the podcast.

Today we are going to get to the bottom of this issue.

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