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Support for Repair Shops During Covid-19

As a heavy-duty repair technician, going through a worldwide pandemic can be very difficult, and stressful. However, there is a company reaching out to these ones to give a hand during these tough times.

Recently we had the chance to interview John Stoeckinger and Buck Monson of the Independent Truck Repair Group.

Impact of COVID-19 on Truck Shops

Covid-19 has completely changed the world we live in for many. For most repair shops, the work has seemed to become spotty, and slow. With that taking place, some shops are having to drastically cut back their rates to get any work at all.

Health and Safety

However, with some work coming in for repair shops, what steps are being taken to protect their technicians?

“We’re not just protecting our employees, but also our clients coming in here as well. We’re doing every step we can such as social distancing, daily cleaning, the use of gloves, and just trying hard to be preventative,” said Buck Monson, Co-Owner of the Independent Truck Repair Group.

By doing our part, each one of us can help protect each other. Those steps mentioned by Buck may seem simple,  but they are very effective.

Problems with Getting Parts

With a global shutdown though, have repair shops had difficulty getting parts, and are we going to see inventories of parts depleted?

“We have seen that a little bit of that because some suppliers are not building or making parts. However, things are okay right now, even though there might be a little bit of a lull in July and August because suppliers are not making as much inventory,” said John Stoeckinger, Co-Owner of the Independent Truck Repair Group.

During this pandemic though, there is a chance for growth and support. This is where the iTRG is here to help. At the 8:31 time mark of the interview, you can hear John talk about this.

A Huge Opportunity

There is a huge opportunity that iTRG is offering.

They are offering a national parts program, as well as their tech talk, which is 24/7 live technicians. So, if you did have to let people go, you still have the help and support needed to get back on the road.

Alongside this, they also have their online training, which you can now become a member through an app or online. This membership is free for August to truly be able to help repair shops during these difficult times. Online training is on 16 areas of the truck, which will be able to assist repair shops.

Within a few weeks of the pandemic, the iTRG came together to truly carry out their mission statement, to help out the repair shops.

Remember, with the tech talk, you can reach out 24/7. It is a resource for repair shops to use during these tough times and can provide the relief you need to keep going.

We’re all in this together, and if we continue to help, and support each other, we’ll get through this.

To learn more, go to INDTRG.com.

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Author: Taron H.

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