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How VMRS Codes Help Parts Companies

Learn about the important role VMRS codes play in maintaining a commercial fleet and how parts companies can use them to better serve those fleets.

HDPR Live # 71: What is a VMRS code and how do VMRS codes help parts companies to better serve fleets? That is the question that we are going to answer today and to help us get a better understanding of VMRS codes I invited Jack Poster from TMC to join us.

To learn more, visit TMC at Trucking.org.

VMRS codes help parts companies serve fleets
Fleets Use VMRS Codes Internally

VMRS codes help parts companies serve fleets because it categorizes the parts they are selling into a data set that is already being used internally by the fleet.

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Complete Transcript of the Episode

This live stream will be added to the podcast on November 22, 2021, and a complete transcript will be made available. Start listening to the podcast today.

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