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Diagnostic Tools and a Powerful Parts Cross with Tyler Robertson of Diesel Laptops

Learn about the amazing tools that Tyler Robertson and his team at Diesel Laptops have created which include a brand-new truck parts cross and lookup platform.

Episode 13: Tyler Robertson, CEO of Diesel Laptops. In this episode, we discuss some of the amazing tools that Diesel Laptops have created, including TruckPartsCross.

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Show Notes

Tyler is blazing a new trail developing resources that are empowering independent mechanics and parts technicians. The Diesel Laptops mission is simple: to provide the best diesel diagnostics products and services at the lowest prices possible. With 10+ years in the commercial truck diagnostic industry, they’ve seen pretty much everything.

But Tyler isn’t just developing new tools for diagnostics, he has also developed a universal parts cross-reference tool that is completely free. Check it out at TruckPartsCross.com.

(Since the release of this episode, TruckPartsCross has been consolidated into a new and improved platform called Diesel Parts.)

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