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An Original Equipment Manufacturer on Six Continents

Learn about the many innovations taking place at SAF Holland.

Episode 82: In this episode, we talk to a leading global commercial vehicle supplier and the largest independent listed manufacturer of chassis-related systems and components for trailers in North America and Trucks and Busses in Europe. Carl Mesker is the VP of Sales and Service at SAF Holland and is our guest.

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Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1:  How do you see SAF Holland being able to increase your market share in axles and suspension systems going forward? 

Through product development, and technologies is how SAF Holland is going to continue growing in North America.

Question 2: What role does production innovation and weight reduction play in your overall strategy? 

Weight reduction is a key part of the transportation industry. SAF Holland uses a stronger steel in their suspension, which means they can use less of it, lowering the weight of their products. Also, they are the only aluminum fifth wheel supplier out there.

Question 3: A large portion of your products are being equipped as original equipment, what does SAF Holland do to support the aftermarket once this equipment is being serviced and repaired? 

It starts early on. As soon as the product is in the development stages for the OEM, the collaboration with the aftermarket starts. As the OEM side finishes selling, it completely becomes the aftermarket side to manage the remaining life of that product.  

Question 4: How has the emerging safety technology, which include collision and roll over avoidance systems on trucks changed the way you manufacture suspension systems for trailers? 

The suspension itself structurally has not changed, but what has changed is the use of sensors. There are places in the suspension where you can put a sensor to determine load information. Also, sensors are a useful tool to help keep your fleet on the road.

Question 5: What’s something we probably don’t know about SAF Holland? 

They are the largest air disk brake manufacturer in Europe. They also have a new president overseeing the Americas. Another thing is that SAF Holland has an in-depth eCommerce site that is 2/3rds done, but is up and running for use.

Question 6: Questions from the audience. 

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