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Collision Repair in the 21st Century with Chris Sterwerf

Learn what happens when a semi-truck and trailer is involved in an accident and how it needs to be repaired to be safely returned to our highways.

Episode 22: Chris Sterwerf is the CFO and COO of Fairfield Auto and Truck Service, who specializes in Heavy-Duty Collision Repair. In this episode, we discuss the process a truck goes through when being repaired, and the questions you need to ask before you accept the keys and drive away in a truck that has been repaired.

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Show Notes

When a class 8 commercial truck is involved in an accident what do you need to know about the repair process? Semi-trucks and trailers have been radically changed by technology.

You may be surprised by the process a truck goes through when it is being repaired and if you own a semi-truck or a fleet of trucks there are some fundamental questions you need to ask before you accept the keys and drive away in a truck that has been repaired.

Chris is an expert in heavy-duty collision repair and is lobbying for changes to the standards used by heavy-duty collision repair shops and making the essential information every repair specialist requires to do the repair correctly more accessible.

This is a list of links that Chris mentioned:

TMC  (Technology Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association): TMC Link

National Automotive Service Task Force: NASTF Website

HD Repair Forum: HD Repair Forum Website

TARA – Truck-Frame Axle and Repair Association: TARA Website

ASCOFAS – American Council of Frame & Alignment Specialists: www.acofas.com

NTHECC – National Truck & Heavy Equipment Claims Council: www.nthecc.org

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