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The Tale of Two Spring Brakes with Rick Deane of MGM Brakes

Learn about the value purchasing a high-quality spring brake provides your fleet over a generic economy product.

Episode 27: Rick Deane is the International Sales Manager at MGM Brakes. In this episode, we discuss the different types of spring brakes that MGM manufactures, and how their products lower cost-per-mile.

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Show Notes

Question 1: MGM has been manufacturing spring brakes for a long time, can you give us a brief history lesson about the role MGM played in the development of the original spring brake?

Question 2: How many different types of spring brakes do MGM manufacture?

Question 3: What kind of working environments does an ideal MGM spring brake customer work in and why is that important?

Question 4: When I talk to my customers about lowering cost-per-mile I always emphasize the importance of calculating not only the purchase price of the part but also the labor and downtime. Can you share an example of where MGM was able to significantly lower the amount of labor and downtime a customer experienced by using MGM spring brakes?

Question 5: Can you tell me about the electronic monitoring systems MGM manufactures?

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