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A Quick and Easy Tool for Diagnosing Trailers

Learn about a trailer diagnosing tool that will save a technician lots of time when finding faults, and in turn, save the customer money.

Episode 52: Robert Zehnder is the Director of Product Sales at Lite-Check. In this episode, we discuss a diagnostic tool solution that allows a single technician to perform a full trailer inspection in one trip around the trailer.

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Show Notes

Question 1: Tell us the story of how Lite-Check was founded, what problem in the industry did they originally set out to solve?

Founded in 1985 to provide the best technology for testing trailers.

Question 2: I would like to talk about the Inspector 920, can you describe what this tool does?

You hook it up to your trailer, and with a remote control you can activate the different lighting circuits, and airbrakes to make sure everything is working properly.

Question 3: How much-increased productivity do technicians typically see when using the Inspector 920?

Conservatively, anywhere between 25-50%.

Question 4: How much training is required to use the Inspector 920?

The system is designed to make it easy for the technician to use. Very little training is required if any. However, if training is required, there is courtesy training provided through videos or webinars.

Question 5: How important is it for technicians to have sufficient data when diagnosing and completing repairs?

The industry is constantly advancing, and with that comes more complicated systems. Having a tester like Inspector 920 gives you more detail when it comes to faults, and will save you time and money when searching and diagnosing it.

Question 6: When you improve accuracy you repair the trailer correctly the first time, this saves time but what impact on parts purchases does it have?

Technicians from time to time throw parts at a problem to try to narrow it down. But the Inspector will skip that whole step and save money on unneeded repairs.

Question 7: How does finding small problems prevent larger problems later when repairing a trailer?

Not taking care of little problems can add up in the long run and cause serious accidents down the road. Finding small problems stops the snowball effect from taking over.

Question 8: If there is one thing you want the listeners to take away from today’s conversation, what is that one thing?

Trailers are becoming more advanced, so more advanced tools are needed to help technicians do their job more effectively.

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