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The World’s Most Advanced Protection Against Tire Puncture

Learn how Tire Protector can protect you against flat tires, and learn about the other products this manufacturer has created to save you big money and time.

Episode 49: Len Prince is the CEO of Tyre Protector. In this episode, we discuss why people need to know about the Tire Protector, how it works, and how it improves cost-per-mile. We also talk about some of their other innovative products.

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Show Notes

Question 1: Give us a history lesson, how have tires improved over the years but why do they still need Tire Protector?

They last longer and have less resistance. This product is needed to save your tire from going flat from punctures.

Question 2: How does Tire Protector work?

Tire Protector is a gel that you insert into your tire. With this product, any punctures you receive up to a half-inch will self-seal by pushing the gel into the hole automatically. It also prevents deflation that occurs over time.

Question 3: Not only do you help fleets reduce unscheduled downtime, but you also help them improve their cost-per-mile. Tell us about Ecofins, what is it and what does it do?

Ecofin is a vortex generator, that smooth out the air hitting your vehicle, to lower drag.

Question 4: What kinds of performance improvements will a truck typically get with Ecofins installed?

Customers have been saying somewhere between 4-6% fuel savings, plus a smoother ride in the wind.

Question 5: Safety is always an issue when operating a commercial vehicle, tell me more about Zamlok?

Zamlok is a lock that will save your tire from falling off in case of lug nut failure. It also has indicators that will show which nut is letting go or failing.

Question 6: Tell us about Trucker Strong?

It’s a way to support homeless vets. When you buy a t-shirt, part of the proceeds goes to homeless vets.

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