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Diesel Parts – The Only Parts Platform You’ll Ever Need

Learn why you need to know about Diesel Laptops’ new parts platform that is going to completely change the industry.

Episode 67: Tyler Robertson is the CEO of Diesel Laptops. In this episode, we discuss how a diagnostic tool company developed a truly remarkable heavy-duty parts platform, and how this is going to completely change the way we buy parts.

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Show Notes

Question 1: What led you to the conclusion that building a parts platform was needed and why did you decide to do it yourself?

People wanted a parts cross-reference tool to assist them in the process. It started with one parts guy hearing from customers about this area that was an open market, and that it was an issue that needed to be solved.

Question 2: Initially you created TruckPartsCross.com, TruckPartsLookUp.com, and TruckPartsPremium.com, but now these three websites are just called Diesel Parts, why did you consolidate these into one platform?

Each one of those websites solved a unique problem in the industry and worked alongside each other. However, it was a little confusing for people with three completely different platforms. Now, it’s clearer, and everything is conveniently in one place.

Question 3: What are the three ways you can identify the parts you need on your platform Diesel Parts which is about to go live?

Truck parts lookup (year-make-model), by component, and also by measurements.

Question 4: You have added some new features on Diesel Parts, tell me more about the VIN decoder?

At the end of the day, everything starts with the VIN. A VIN decoder is a really crucial piece of the puzzle for people to figure out which direction to go in to help you find all the parts you need.

Question 5: Diesel Parts has advanced tools, tell me about What Does It Fit?

You can take an OEM of an aftermarket part number, and then their system will find out everywhere that part fits. No need for guessing anymore.

Question 6: You can buy recycled engines and transmissions on the platform as well, is that correct?

Yes, it is. It is a partnership with TruckPartsInventory.com. With this added section, it solved people’s needs when it comes to looking for all parts, all within this one-stop-shop parts platform.

Question 7: What is the big dream for you with your entire company which now includes the Diesel Parts platform?

He wants to change the way people repair trucks. Repair, diagnostic, training, and shop management software should be in one place to solve all problems. By doing this it’ll simplify, and speed up the whole process.


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