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An Example of Aftermarket Engineering

Learn what IPD has been doing when it comes to aftermarket engineering and get some behind the scenes knowledge of how they continue to innovate.

Episode 74: Vince Barbarie is the Senior Director of Engineering, and Bill Mirth is the Director of Sales at IPD. In this episode, we discuss how IPD continues to be a great example when it comes to taking the lead in aftermarket engineering. We also dive into some of the problems they solve, and the steps that they took to do so.

Earlier this year on an episode of HDPR Live, we interviewed Vince Barbarie, and we talked about the advantages of aftermarket engineering.

In this episode, we also welcome back Bill Mirth, who was our guest way back in episode 10.

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Show Notes 

Question 1: What advantages does an aftermarket engineering team have over an OEM? 

A replacement part has a different need than a new part. But by producing replacement parts, and seeing where OEM parts generally fail, aftermarket can then improve, and make their parts better.

Question 2: Can you explain to us what problem you solved with the new DD15 Engine Rebuild Kit? 

Even though nothing is missing from the OE, but rather this kit ensures that you have everything you need to do the rebuild, all in one convenient package. This solves the problem of forgetting to order one of the small essential parts of the build.

Question 3: What is the economic impact on an engine rebuilder when they are rebuilding an engine and they don’t have what they need from the parts they buy? 

Time is money. If you’re in the middle of a rebuild, and you realize you don’t have the right part, you have to stop what you’re doing, call the customer, scramble to find the part, and then wait for the part to arrive. Every hour that you’re waiting for that part to arrive, you have a dedicated part of the shop to that engine, and it’s costing both you and the customer money.

Question 4: How do you gain the market information necessary to guide the engineering department in creating solutions like this new DD15 kit? 

It starts with the customer base bringing the information up to IPD. By asking the customers what they need in a kit, helps ensure they have the best information possible to then provide the best solutions.

Question 5: What is the process for the development of a kit like this DD15 kit?

From a product development perspective, we start with OEM specs, OE parts, and what their rebuilders know, and what they know about the engine. By researching the specs, and by going over the parts with a fine-toothed comb, and taking the parts apart, they are able to not only mimic how the OEM part looks but to build it to the same quality, if not higher than OEM specifications.

Question 6: Bill, are there any other new products that you would like to tell us about today?  

There are many new innovations at IPD. Some of them being Steel Liner for ISX, Cryo-treated head bolts, new high-quality water pumps. Also, they have released IPD Extra, which gives them a range of Caterpillar coverage for many different engines.

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