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What You Need to Know About Diagnostic Tools

Learn what you need to know when you are looking for a diagnostic tool, and how Diesel Laptops can help.

Episode 55: Tyler Robertson is the CEO of Diesel Laptops. In this episode, we discuss how many options are out there when looking to buy diagnostic tools, what you need to consider when you are ready to buy, and the hidden costs you need to be aware of. Tyler was episode 13 if you want to go back and listen to his story and how he started and grew Diesel Laptops to the company it is today.

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Show Notes

Question 1: How many options are there when someone is looking to buy a diagnostic tool?

It depends on the market segment, there are a lot of different categories.

Question 2: In your opinion, which are the top two contenders?

Texa and Cojali both offer dealer level diagnostic software inside one program.

Question 3: What makes each one of these top contenders?

They are affordable, functional, usable, and have tech support.

Question 4: When buying a diesel laptop it is not just the hardware but also the software that is the most important. What should an independent repair shop owner consider when deciding what to buy?

You need to understand what you’re getting, and fully understand what it does. By having the proper tool for the job, you can save lots of money and gain efficiency.

Question 5: What hidden costs exist and how can an independent repair shop owner make sure they are getting everything they need?

There can be lots of wasted time between the technician using a diagnostic tool to identify the part needed, and then actually attaining the part you need. That downtime can be a huge time waster.

Question 6: How important is training and support?

You need training and support, especially with the use of diagnostic tools. Without it, you are putting yourself through unnecessary stress, and frustration. With training, you can be fully confident using your tool.

Question 7: If there is one thing you want the audience to take away from today’s conversation, what is that one thing?

No matter what tool you buy, make sure you have a trial period to get a chance to make sure the tool is the right fit for you. Furthermore, once you have a tool, you need to do the training for the tool.

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