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Durable Polyurethane Bushings that Save You Money

Learn why switching to polyurethane bushings by Energy Suspension will save you money.

Episode 60: Walter Schnapp, Business Development Manager for Energy Suspension. In this episode, we discuss the advantages of Energy Suspensions polyurethane bushings over rubber and dive into the many different ways they will save you money over time.

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Show Notes

Question 1: What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a synthetic elastic polymer. It was developed to take the place of rubber.

Question 2: What performance characteristics does polyurethane provide that other materials don’t?

Polyurethane will last much longer than rubber. It also keeps its shape better and is more resistant to chemicals. In automotive, it gives enhanced performance and handling.

Question 3: How does your polyurethane bushings lower cost-per-mile?

Even though polyurethane is a little more expensive than a rubber part, it will last much longer, and save you lots of money in the long run on repairs, and downtime. You can’t lose going with polyurethane bushings.

Question 4: As a repair technician, what signs indicate that a bushing may need to be replaced?

Bushings are like cartilage in the human body. If you notice excessive movement in the suspension or shaking, it is likely an indication it is time to get replaced. Occasionally you can even see the wear on the bushing.

Question 5: When you’re a parts technician and a customer asks to purchase a bushing; how should they upsell a polyurethane bushing to a customer who is trying to save money?

By stating the simple fact that if you do go with a rubber bushing, you will be back much sooner to get it replaced than if you were to go with a polyurethane bushing. In other words, polyurethane bushings will last longer, cost you less in the long run, with less downtime.

Question 6: Polyurethane is not only used on suspension components but also on things like motor mounts, is that correct?

Yes, as an example it is also used in Energy Suspension’s Kenworth motor mount. This gives the part longevity.

Question 7: If there is one thing you want to make sure our audience remembers, what is that one thing?

Everything is made in their facility in California, been in business since 1983, and has a lot to offer on the heavy-duty side.

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