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High-Quality Parts from Meritor Means Better Performance for Fleets

Learn why going with Meritor genuine parts can be the best option for your fleet.

Episode 66: Doug Dole is the General Manager of the Product Strategy division of Meritor. In this episode, we discuss the wide range of price points that Meritor has their parts, for any application you may need them for. We also go into what you get when you buy Meritor genuine parts, that you just don’t get if you go with any other part.

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Show Notes

Question 1: How should a fleet or independent repair shop take advantage of the wide range of products offered by Meritor?

There are different price points of parts for any application that you may need them for. Whether you are wanting genuine parts for your new truck, or perhaps less expensive aftermarket parts if you’re the second or third owner, Meritor has you covered.

Question 2: How does lowering cost-per-mile for fleets affect the way Meritor manufactures and sells its parts?

If a fleets’ life cycle is near the end of its life, Meritor’s value parts might be the way to go to save cost-per-mile. However, if your fleet is still new, replacing your parts with genuine parts will save you money in the long run. Meritor deeply considers cost-per-mile when it comes to their parts.

Question 3:  Can you explain the role Meritor Parts Xpress plays in after-the-sale support?

They have a lot of things in their systems to help identify the parts they need. They do so by images, specifications, and other means so that their customers can get the right part the first time. Also, is having the genuine part side under their belt, you can be assured that you’ll be getting the right part you need.

Question 4: What do you get when you buy Meritor Genuine parts that you don’t get buying any other part?

You get parts from a company with 110 years of experience. Not only that but they have engineering resources and technical centers around the world, which gives them access to resources that other suppliers don’t.

Question 5: How is Meritor adapting and what will that mean for the people who sell, buy, or install parts?

Meritor sees all this technology on the production side coming down the pipe. They have an entire team that is really dedicated to this advancement, and there is a huge focus on the electrification of parts. If you sell or install parts, you must start learning how to work on the new age of electric parts.

Question 6: What is something that we may not know about Meritor that we should know?

Meritor is a significant piece in not only the production side but also the aftermarket side of the industry. They’ve launched more products in the last 6 years, at any other point in the history of the company, which proves that they are focused on innovation and technology.

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