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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started with eCommerce

Learn everything you need to know to get started with eCommerce from an industry expert.

Episode 70: Kris Harrington is the President and COO of GenAlpha. In this episode, we discuss what’s driving the rollout of eCommerce sites in 2020, how we can create an eCommerce site successfully, and how to overcome some fears of doing so.

To listen to our previous conversation, listen to episode 61.

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Show Notes

Question 1: What is driving so many manufacturers, dealers, and aftermarket distributors to roll out eCommerce sites in 2020? 

The short answer is the pandemic. There was nothing we could have predicted that would have made us advance so fast, in so short of time. Before the pandemic, this shift was taking place, but it just sped up the process.

Question 2: Why is implementing eCommerce more than just a change to how our website functions? 

Historically websites are informational. eCommerce however is a transactional place. An eCommerce site in other words is a sales channel.

Question 3: With every change management initiative, a leader is required, how do you recommend companies structure the team that is responsible for implementing eCommerce? 

It always starts at the top. For you to be successful, and to avoid common mistakes, you will want to hire an experienced leader. By having these influencers, and the right team members, you can roll this platform out to the rest of the business.

Question 4: What is the most used aspect of an eCommerce platform? 

Hands down search is the most used function, especially in the heavy-duty parts industry. Whether they are trying to prevent a problem, or have a problem and need a part, they will search for the part.

Question 5:  In your experience, how do organizations overcome the fear of publishing price and availability and why is it important? 

People don’t buy unless they know price and availability. There are many ways to display these, and how and when to display price is up to them. It’s important to be comfortable with your prices and have good pricing strategies. In order to thrive though, you do need to have this on your products or services.

Question 6: If you sell heavy-duty parts as a manufacturer, dealer, or distributor, how important is eCommerce going forward and when should you get started? 

Ecommerce is critical in today’s world and is the future. Adapting to it is a matter of survival. Get started as soon as possible because the time is now.

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