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Total Support for the Aftermarket from ZF Wabco

Learn what changes ZF Wabco has made, as well as the improvements when it comes to total support for the aftermarket. 

Episode 73: Abe Aon is the General Manager and Business Leader for After Sales, Service & Support and Collin Shaw is the North American Marketing & Business Development Leader for ZF Wabco.

In this episode, we discuss the changes Wabco has underwent since they were last on the show in episode 53, as well as what has remained the same since the change. Also, we talk about what they have down to cut down downtime and open up better communication with their customers.

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Show Notes 

Question 1: What has changed with Wabco?

Since their last episode, they have become a part of ZF. With this change, they are now ZF Wabco. They are not at the end of their journey, but rather at the start.

Question 2: How have these changes impacted the way you service fleets? 

It changed the way they see business. It allows them to think in terms of what their customers need first. When something happens, or when Wabco makes a commitment to something, they are 100% committed.

Question 3: What were the first steps to ensure downtime was cut down, and uptime was improved? 

Downtimes happen in this industry because of harsh environments. By first bringing this visibility to everyone so that they know what is going on, and then by working hard to improve these areas once they are known.

Question 4: When it comes to the aftermarket, how has this adjustment impacted the way sales and marketing work with the people using the products you manufacture?

Before they were two steps away from their customers because of having to go through two levels of distribution. Now they have direct communication with fleets through their service team. They want to be that partner in up-time for their customers. They used to be mainly focused on initial production of products, but now they are part of maintaining, and servicing.

Question 5: What do you know that you may not have known before this change?

Two-way communication is very important, not just a one-way street. By having this open communication with your customers. People just want to be heard and validated. It also helps you improve, and better support them.

Question 6: What hasn’t changed with Wabco? 

Wabco is still Wabco. They still are your single place to find information regarding Wabco, and still have their total life cycle support system. They still have solutions for any part of the life cycle your engine is at.

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