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Announcing the Launch of the Diesel Decoder

Learn about the Diesel Decoder which is a game-changing piece of technology that will transform decoding fault codes in heavy-duty trucks.

Episode 92: In this episode we discuss the launch of the Diesel Decoder. Brett Delp is the National Fleet Manager at Dorman Products, and Tyler Robertson, is the CEO of Diesel Laptops, and they talked to us about the solution the Diesel Decoder offers, how it works, and the future role it will play in the heavy-duty parts industry.

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A Solution to a Big Problem

You are happily driving down the road listening to your favorite podcast, The Heavy-Duty Parts Report, and all of a sudden you see a fault code light indicating that there is a mechanical or electrical issue with the truck. The problem is you don’t know what the fault code means? Is there something major wrong with the truck or can you keep driving for another 200 miles before having to take the truck in for repairs?

“People don’t have a quick and easy way to figure out what’s wrong with their truck… On an average day there are 2-3 warning indicator lights that come on in a commercial truck. The industry needs a quick and easy tool that will show them what’s going on inside their vehicle and lead them to the repair information to repair that truck within a couple minutes,” said Tyler Robertson, the CEO of Diesel Laptops.

How Diesel Decoder Works

The Diesel Decoder empowers the driver/mechanic to know what is going on with the vehicle. It provides them with easy-to-read information, identifies the urgency of the repair, and connects directly to the truck.

“It’s basically a dongle that connects to your vehicle and to your mobile device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and lets you know what’s going on with your vehicle, from everyday data cataloging to reading active fault codes,” said Brett Delp, the National Fleet Manager at Dorman Products.

The Diesel Decoder provides a live feed sent to the driver’s mobile device from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The app will be available on Apple and Android and the product will be available on April 1st, 2021. This is a very inexpensive tool, and it is designed for everybody.

The Future Role of the Diesel Decoder

Predictive maintenance is where this new tool will provide serious value to the users. “This is kind of like version one of this tool… What’s coming soon will be the ability to turn on predictive maintenance,” said Robertson.

When this new feature is made available the dashboard will monitor the trucks health, no matter where the truck is. They are partnering with companies like Soar and Lite-Check who will both be using the platform. This update will incorporate common bi-directional commands, DPF regens, and cleanings and other common repair information to empower the users to have a complete understanding of what needs to be done to resolve a fault code.

Empowering Repair Shops and Distributors

The Diesel Decoder is not just for the owner/operator or independent fleet. It will empower independent parts distribution companies to identify the parts required to solve a customer issue with a truck and will make it easier for repair shops to order required parts.

Faster repairs and less downtime equal happier customers so this device will support the independent parts and service channel, not compete with it. When it is not only possible to show the cause of a fault code, but the OEM number, and aftermarket alternatives to replace the defective part, it will make the independents more competitive. This is a powerful tool that will empower independent owner/operators, repairs technicians, and aftermarket parts distributors.

Go to DormanHDSolutions.com to learn more about the Diesel Decoder. 

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