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Clarience Technologies has acquired Fleetilla

Clarience Technologies Has Acquired Fleetilla

It was announced on Thursday, January 6, 2022, that Clarience Technologies has acquired Fleetilla in a move that strengthens its Road Ready brand.

Between equipment, parts, and maintenance costs, most fleets have millions of dollars of assets sitting in their lots. Unfortunately, leaving equipment unprotected, or protected only by a padlock, is a major liability.

Thankfully, there is a high-tech solution. Parent company to Truck-Lite, DAVCO filtration systems, and Road Ready Telematics, Clarience Technologies has acquired Fleetilla, an Ann Arbor-based telematics provider.

Protecting Your Fleet with GPS Security from Fleetilla

Fleetilla is an end-to-end solutions provider for GPS fleet security, trailer tracking, and equipment monitoring. Like Road Ready, the company produces hardware and application platforms that are modular and extensible, enabling the incorporation of newer technologies as they become available.

Using an advanced solution like GPS security will not only reduce your risks but also allow you to track important data. This data can allow even smaller fleets to increase their profit margins and find better ways to allocate their resources.

Clarience Technologies has acquired Fleetilla as a part of a broader effort to accelerate its efforts in bringing next-generation electric and autonomous vehicles to the forefront of the commercial trucking and transportation industry.

Clarience Technologies has acquired Fleetilla.

“As connected technologies become the digital backbone supporting electric and autonomous vehicles, we want our solutions to set the industry benchmark,” said Brian Kupchella, CEO of Clarience Technologies. “Fleetilla offers unique solutions that complement our Road Ready products and strengthens our technology foundation as we develop next-generation connected solutions for tomorrow’s electric and autonomous vehicles.” 

The History of Fleetilla as a Telematics Innovator

Founded nearly two decades ago, Fleetilla is an industry innovator in end-to-end solutions provider for GPS fleet security, trailer tracking, and equipment monitoring. Like Road Ready, the company produces hardware and application platforms that are modular and extensible, enabling the incorporation of newer technologies as they become available. Today, Fleetilla can be found on trailers and other assets across the United States as well as South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and West Africa.

“Fleetilla is excited to join the Clarience Technologies family,” said Pradeep P. Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Fleetilla. “In addition to our deep understanding of telematics and innovative offerings in this space, our customers can now benefit from the breadth of commercial vehicle products, automotive engineering, and manufacturing capabilities that Clarience Technologies brings. Along with the Clarience team, Fleetilla is now well positioned to offer the next generation of telematics solutions to our current and prospective customers.”

Bringing the Internet of Things to the Heavy-Duty Industry

Clarience Technologies has acquired Fleetilla because its Road Ready brand is a perfect fit for developing the next generation of advanced telematics solutions. Fleetilla brings a unique open architecture internet of things (IoT) platform that uses APIs to easily integrate a broad set of data feeds. Meanwhile, the LogIQTM partner network from Road Ready enables smart trailer functionality that’s unmatched in the industry. The comprehensive data pool from which a fleet may someday analyze and act upon is unlike anything in the industry today. We at The Heavy Duty Parts Report see a huge opportunity for heavy-duty fleets to benefit from this technology.

Clarience Technologies has aqcuired Fleetilla, which offers GPS tracking for trailers and other equipment.
One of Fleetilla’s GPS equipment tracking devices.

“Fleetilla is a nimble organization that has proven it can innovate at or beyond the pace of industry change,” said Nada Jiddou, Clarience Technologies Executive Vice President and General Manager for Road Ready, who will now oversee the Fleetilla business as well. “When you combine the technical capabilities and technologies from Fleetilla with our manufacturing scale, customer reach, and industry experience, we are taking a major step forward to achieve our bold vision for the future of transportation.”

Fleetilla brings unique solutions that have already been proven by customers in key vocational segments like construction and utility, including products designed to monitor work trailers as well as the specific equipment and tools that trailer hauls. Furthermore, several Clarience Technologies’ companies including Truck-Lite, ECCO, and DAVCO, each offer products that serve the vocational truck market. These established relationships will be beneficial as Fleetilla seeks to expand its customer reach in these segments.

Clarience Technologies Is Building the Future of the Transportation Industry

Clarience Technologies was created in 2020 and consists of several leading names in transportation technology. Company leaders had the vision to see the impact new technologies were about to make on transportation, and they committed early on to forge a new company dedicated to finding better ways of applying these transformational technologies.

Its Road Ready brand has been paving the way for advanced trailer telematics since its birth in 2017. Backed by the industry experience of Clarience Technologies’ other leading brands, Truck-Lite, ECCO, and DAVCO, Road Ready approaches telematics differently than other telematics providers — with more than 70 years of know-how and partnership in the trucking industry. 

CEO Brian Kupchella recently spoke with us on The Heavy Duty Parts Report podcast about the driving force behind their strategy. Listen to the interview here.

The acquisition of Fleetilla comes only one day after DAVCO, also owned by Clarience Technologies, announced that its new $3.5 million Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center in Saline, Michigan, would begin building Road Ready telematics hardware as the company prepares to fulfill the strong demand for its solutions.   

About Clarience Technologies

Clarience Technologies focuses on developing vehicle and fleet management technology innovations for the commercial vehicle, passenger car, recreational off-road machine, and pleasure craft markets. Through data and insights, it improves fleet management, streamlines supply chain management, and enhances safety on and off the road.

Since its Truck-Lite brand introduced the first sealed marker light in 1955, its companies have unveiled a steady stream of innovations that have turned customers into long-term partners.

Today, Clarience Technologies is a global company known for its quality and dedication to sustainability – and to providing the technologies that keep our world moving forward. Learn more at www.clariencetechnologies.com.

About Road Ready 

Road Ready, a Clarience Technologies brand, is a vertically integrated advanced telematics and smart fleet solutions SaaS provider based in Southfield, Michigan. Road Ready offers custom telematics solutions to help fleets manage, optimize, and maximize their assets. Coupled with an expansive network of premier integration partners, customers can do more through a single interface, Road Ready continues to implement groundbreaking research and development to make impactful contributions to the transportation industry. 

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