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Hino Trucks and Hexagon Purus Partner for Battery Electric Tractors

Hino Trucks, a commercial truck manufacturer, has signed a distribution agreement with Hexagon Purus to exclusively distribute a complete battery electric tractor in the United States.

The tractor will utilize Hexagon Purus’ proprietary zero-emission technology, including battery systems, auxiliary modules, power modules, and the vehicle-level software. It is developed to operate on Hino’s XL 4×2 tractor cab chassis.

Hino Trucks Prototype

During the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo Show, Hino Trucks displayed an early development prototype of the vehicle. Production of the electric heavy-duty model tractor is projected to begin in the last part of 2024, and it will be distributed and serviced exclusively through select qualifying dealers within Hino Trucks’ U.S. network.

Glenn Ellis, President of Hino Trucks, stated that the company had debuted two new electric vehicles earlier this year, the Hino Class 5 M5e cab over and Class 6 L6e conventional model.

The recent regulations that address the need for further reductions in emissions for the transportation sector in the U.S. will ultimately drive future demand for several classes of zero-emissions commercial vehicles.

Partnership With Hexagon Purus

The exclusive distribution agreement with Hexagon Purus expands Hino Trucks’ capability to distribute battery electric vehicles in both the medium- and heavy-duty space as the company continues to invest in battery electric vehicle adoption as the landscape continues to evolve.

The battery electric tractors produced by Hexagon Purus will have the same reliability and features that customers expect from Hino Trucks, including superior cab visibility and advanced frame strength, all through select qualifying dealers within Hino Truck’s distribution network, including after-sales service and warranty. Although production specifications are not yet released, targeted applications will see a full day’s use on a single charge.

Todd Sloan, Executive Vice President of Hexagon Purus, stated that Hino has been an important zero-emission technology development partner for the company in North America for several years. As a development partner in Hino’s Battery Electric Vehicle program, Hexagon Purus is thrilled to continue building on that strong relationship in the years to come.

Battery electric vehicles have been gaining popularity in the commercial truck industry, as they offer several benefits over traditional diesel-powered vehicles, including lower operating costs, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved environmental performance. With the new partnership with Hexagon Purus, Hino Trucks is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for zero-emission commercial vehicles in the United States.

The partnership between Hino Trucks and Hexagon Purus is a significant step towards achieving a more sustainable future in the commercial trucking industry. Hino has been investing heavily in the development of electric vehicles, and this partnership will enable them to expand their offering in the medium and heavy-duty space.

Sustainable Transportation Solutions

This agreement will allow Hino Trucks to leverage Hexagon Purus’ expertise in zero-emission technology to provide its customers with a more sustainable and efficient transportation solution. Hino Trucks has been committed to delivering low total cost of ownership, unmatched reliability, maneuverability, and the most comprehensive bundle of standard features in the market. This partnership with Hexagon Purus will allow them to maintain this commitment while also addressing the need for more sustainable transportation solutions.

With production projected to begin in late 2024, this battery electric tractor will be a significant addition to Hino Trucks’ product lineup, and its exclusive distribution through select dealers within the company’s U.S. network will ensure that customers receive the best possible service and support.

Hino Trucks and Hexagon Purus’ partnership marks an important milestone in the development of electric heavy-duty tractors. The vehicle’s design and capabilities will enable businesses to operate sustainably while maintaining the features and reliability that customers expect from Hino Trucks.

Hino Trucks is Committed to Excellence

Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Company, manufactures, sells, and services a lineup of Class 4-8 commercial trucks in the United States. The company has a product lineup that offers fully connected vehicles with a low total cost of ownership, unmatched reliability, maneuverability, and the most comprehensive bundle of standard features in the market.

Hino is developing a full range of electric vehicles to meet growing customer demand. Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Hino has a nationwide network of over 240 dealers committed to achieving excellence in the ultimate ownership experience.

Readers who are interested in learning more about efforts to develop electric vehicles can check out our coverage here. The Heavy Duty Parts Report looks forward to seeing this sustainable solution in action and the positive impact it will have on the industry.

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Author: Jamie Irvine

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