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Maximize Vehicle Uptime with Uptake

Learn how Uptake is lowering cost-per-mile for fleets with their advanced predictive maintenance platform.

Episode 256: If you’ve been in the trucking industry for any length of time, you’ve seen a lot of change in the technology that is used to maintain and repair commercial equipment. The trucking industry is the backbone of society, and we need to leverage every tool at our disposal to keep trucks and trailers rolling and increase uptime for fleets. Uptake Fleet is a new solution to help fleet maintenance managers deal with the challenges of extending life cycles on vehicles.

My guest today is Jim Rice the VP of Transportation at UPTAKE.  

Jim Rice is the VP of Transportation at UPTAKE.  In this episode, learn how Uptake is lowering cost-per-mile for fleets with their advanced predictive maintenance platform.

Uptake is a leader in industrial intelligence. At Uptake, Jim helps fleets realize the business value of predictive insights. 

Guest Website: UPTAKE.com

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