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Operational Costs Data

Join the Annual Operational Costs Data Collection by ATRI for Motor Carriers

ATRI is currently inviting all motor carriers to participate in the 15th annual update to its Operational Costs Data report, a widely-used benchmarking tool in the trucking industry. The report provides valuable insights into operational costs and key trends for fleets of different sizes and regions, making it an important resource for motor carriers seeking to improve their performance.

ATRI Utilizes New Efficiency Metrics

ATRI confidentially collects operational costs data directly from trucking fleets and owner-operators. The organization is seeking full-year 2022 cost per mile and/or cost per hour data on various fleet metrics such as driver pay, fuel costs, insurance premiums, and equipment lease or purchase payments. Carriers can submit their data through an easy-to-use online data entry form or email submission. This year’s report includes new efficiency metrics, such as miles between breakdowns, that carriers have requested.

Trucking fleets rely on accurate data to run their business as smoothly as possible and lower the total cost of operation and this is something that we are always concerned with here at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report. Take a look at some of our related news here: Data Entry Automation Software for Trucking Companies

Operational Costs Data is Essential for Benchmarking

Participating carriers and owner-operators will receive a customized report that compares their fleet’s costs and operations to peer carriers of the same sector and size. They will also receive an advance copy of the full report. James Burg, President, and CEO of James Burg Trucking Company, noted that ATRI’s Operational Costs Data report is essential for benchmarking operations, confirming what they are doing well and where they can achieve additional cost savings. The customized peer-group assessment is also valuable to benchmarking activities.

Deadline to Submit Data

For-hire motor carriers have until Friday, April 28, 2023 to submit their operational costs data to ATRI. The collected data is confidential and published only in anonymized, aggregate form. ATRI is a not-for-profit research organization that engages in critical research relating to freight transportation’s role in maintaining a safe, secure, and efficient transportation system. ATRI’s data collection form can be found here: https://truckingresearch.org/2023/03/01/ops-costs-data-collection-2023/

As a leading source of news and insights in the heavy-duty trucking industry, The Heavy Duty Parts Report recognizes the significant value of ATRI’s Operational Costs Data report for motor carriers. The report provides an essential benchmarking tool for fleets of different sizes and regions, enabling carriers to compare their operational costs and performance to their peers. With valuable new efficiency metrics added this year, such as miles between breakdowns, this report offers even greater insights into operational trends and best practices. We encourage all motor carriers to participate in the report and leverage the customized peer-group assessment to identify opportunities for cost savings and performance improvements.

This report is an excellent opportunity for motor carriers to gain valuable insights into their operational costs and performance compared to their peers. By providing operational cost data, carriers can contribute to the benchmarking tool and help drive the industry forward. Carriers are encouraged to participate in this important research effort.

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Author: Jamie Irvine

Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report and a consultant that works with manufacturers, distributors, and SaaS companies serving the heavy-duty truck parts industry.


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