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Performance of Filters Vitally Important to Fleets

Filter management and replacement is part of maintaining commercial vehicles and installing high-quality and multifunctional filtration and fluid management systems is an important part of lowering your total cost-of-operation.

Recently we interviewed Jim Taft, the Key Account Manager and Chad Foote, the Director of Sales at Hengst North America

History of Hengst

Ing. Walter Hengst KG was started in Germany in 1958 by Walter Hengst. He laid the foundations for the successful development of a company that is now under the management of his grandson, Jens Röttgering, and under its new name of Hengst SE.

Hengst is a family run business that has a 62-year legacy of producing high-quality filtration for OE manufacturers of automotive and commercial vehicles and aftermarket solutions that meet the needs of commercial fleets and companies with industrial applications.

Problem Solving with Hengst

Hengst has the financial backing of a large company with the adaptability of a small company. An example of this is when the COVID-19 pandemic started. There was this huge global demand for face masks, and with their lifetime knowledge of filtration they were able to swiftly produce a large number of these masks for the public. They have even donated 50,000 breathing masks to nursing homes and health care facilities.

One problem facing the Heavy-Duty Truck industry is that a lot of filtration systems are using a spin on style cartridge which are fully encased, so there is no way to see when problems are developing with the filters. However, with Hengst’s cartridge-based system, everything can be easily inspected. This eliminates the problem of not being able to inspect your filters, which allows technicians to better diagnose problems.

Another problem that Hengst saw was with traditional metal filters.

“Spin-ons are wasteful. They’re full of metal, they get taken off, thrown in a trash can, get taken to a landfill, and they sit there for the next few hundred years.” However, Hengst created an economically beneficial solution to this problem. “Our cartridge-based systems have no metal in them and are 100% combustible. They can be recycled or burnt for energy.” – Jim Taft

Importance of Maintenance

A filter removes particles from either fluid or the air, and keeps the engine, transmission, differential, and other fluid systems from becoming contaminated. This is crucial for the operation of a commercial truck. However, overtime filters max out their contaminate holding capacity.

At that point, excess pressure built up within the filter will cause the bypass valve to open. When this happens, that filter is no longer working, and unfiltered oil begins getting into the engine, creating all sorts of issues with key components. The simple solution to avoid this problem is periodically changing the filter at the recommended intervals.

Making our Planet a Purer Place

Hengst has a very important vision for the company.

“Our guiding principles, corporate wise, is making our planet a purer place, and that’s something we’re really committed to. In fact, we apply that to every product we design… We strive for premium levels of filtration in all of our applications, and products, but we aim to do so in a way that has a net positive effect on our environment” – Jim Taft

Hengst works hard to provide the best filtration products they can and to be as sustainable as possible. It is their goal to do what they can to help to purify planet Earth. They do not compromise on the quality of their products. In the Heavy-Duty Truck industry, they understand that uptime is paramount to fleets. That is why their filters are built to OE specs and are focused on making sure your truck runs day in, day out.  If you are looking to buy Hengst commercial filtration products today, you can find local distribution by going to Hengst.com.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.


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