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How Meritor Can Lower Your Cost-Per-Mile

When you source heavy-duty parts, the sheer amount of parts out there can be overwhelming. Finding a single source that has parts at different price points to meet any need and that also lowers fleets’ total cost of operation is the goal.

Recently we interviewed Doug Dole, the General Manager of the Product Strategy division at Meritor.

A Wide Range of Products

Meritor is a global supplier of axle, brake, and suspension solutions to original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket for the transportation and industrial sectors.

They serve commercial truck, trailer, bus and coach, and off-highway machinery manufacturers as well as defense contractors.

Whether you are wanting genuine parts for newer trucks, or perhaps less expensive aftermarket parts if it is for the second or third owner, Meritor has it covered and also supplies heavy-duty parts through their aftermarket distribution partners.

Meritor Parts Xpress

MeritorPartsXpress.com is a 24-hour aftermarket service tool that helps customers find the parts and information they need to keep their fleets on the road. Warehouse distributors, OEMs, dealers, fleets, and independent garages can benefit from the site.

Recently Meritor announced additional enhancements to MeritorPartsXpress.com that streamline the ordering process and self-service tools. The site improvements create a customized, quick, and informative experience for each user based on location and other criteria.

Newly launched features include:

  • Real-time product inventory messaging regarding availability and delivery specifications (e.g. Get it by date; Want it by date) based on user’s location
  • Detailed in-stock and out-of-stock messages
  • Price and Availability look-up, compatible with copy-and-paste function for quick part number searches
  • Complete 24-hour, full-service order management capabilities, including cancel/reorder functionality, for those with a user ID
  • Ability to ‘drag and drop’, as well as copy-and-paste function for stock upload and rapid ordering  

“With these improvements, Meritor is incorporating features that many customers are familiar with – and now expect – as part of their online shopping experiences,” said Christy Westrich, director of Customer Loyalty.

These enhancements help Meritor differentiate itself in the industry, not only with products but also with the customer buying experience.

“We’re a 110-year-old company. So, we know parts and know aftermarket and production. We’ve got engineering resources and technical centers around the world, that we leverage both for the production side of our business, as well as the aftermarket side of the business. This gives us access to resources that a normal aftermarket part supplier does not have access to,” said Doug Dole, General Manager of the Product Strategy division at Meritor.

Adapting to Changing Times

Being a 110-year-old company still thriving in business means that you need to constantly be adapting to the changing times. So, how are they adapting, and what will that mean for the people who buy and sell, or install parts?

“We see all of this technology that is coming down the pipe. Meritor is on the leading edge of that technology…We have an entire team that is really dedicated to these advanced technologies, and there is a huge focus on the electrification, conductivity, and efficiency,” Doug Dole continued.

Electric axles are becoming more advanced, and most likely be the way of the future. If you sell or install parts, you must start learning how to work on the new age of electric parts to stay in the game.

Meritor is a significant piece in not only the production side but also the aftermarket side of the industry. They’ve launched more products in the last 6 years, than any other point in the history of the company, which proves that they are focused on innovation and technology.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.


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